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What users are saying about the Cornerstone Community Centre . . .

Poetry For Pleasure

The Poetry for Pleasure group has just celebrated its 13th anniversary and sent the following note:

“The Centre has proved an ideal venue for our self-supporting group. The facilities are excellent, the management has been consistently helpful and supportive, and our numbers, drawn from differing backgrounds, have risen steadily till the present 25 to 30 people a week. Long may the Cornerstone continue!”

(Secretary of Poetry for Pleasure, established in 1999 with support from the centre, the group is still thriving)

Body and Mind Workout group

The head of the Body and Mind Workout Group sent a note to say:

“Thank you so much for letting us use your fantastic building for the past four years as the group has touched so many people and has been so beneficial to the many who have attended.”

Japanese Club:

Farewell note from Japanese Club after they outgrown the space:

“Thank you so much for your help and support. We’ve been coming here for 11 years!!
I remember when our group started we had only 6 kids, now we have more than 30 kids . . . we feel we are going to leave our nest . . . hope the centre has continuous success!!!

Baby & You Group

Comment from a mum from Baby & You Group:

“This is a wonderful group, the space is so lovely for babies! Great information and advice given to new mum.”

Comment from another mum attending the Baby & You Group:

“I am back at the group with my second daughter, but my eldest daughter is off to school in September. I’m still in touch with a lot of mums from here from four years ago!”


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